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get the style you've

        been dreaming of...

Hello Beautiful and welcome....

You are probably here for a few reasons, you either found us on google, a friend referred you, or you’ve been looking for the perfect salon to give you that Pinterest worthy style you’ve been dreaming of. 


Click below to book your new guest service. 

Your stylist will reach out through email to confirm your appointment and ask any follow up questions. 

Fall in love with your new look, follow us on facebook and refer your friends and family. 

Your experience starts by deciding the best New Guest Appointment to fit your needs (please see Step 1).  Once the decision is made, you simply book online and the magic starts to happen. If any additional information is needed, the stylist will reach out.  

The day of your appointment  ~ You will be greeted by all as you enter our cozy salon space.  We have lots of parking on both sides of the building, however parking is limited in front of the salon and better suited for smaller SUV's and cars. 

Once you make your way inside, you and the stylist will have a thorough consultation. Here, we will discuss not only the details of your first visit, but also a long-term plan tailor made to fit your specific needs. 


We have Wi-Fi, bottled water, delicious seasonal beverages, snacks, phone chargers, and more to keep you comfortable during your appointment.  

When your service is complete, the photoshoot begins. We love before and afters!!!  We will also ensure you are educated on the best care needed to maintain your look at home and keep you looking fabulous. 








Click below to review new guest service options

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